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Research Vision

My research vision

I seek to merge the fields of cognitive psychology, CHI research (human and social factors), product design (form follows functions)

I have a background in design engineering, I’m interested in design optimization, engineering the design solutions.

I’m interested Embodied cognition and interaction, working to bridging the digital and physical realities.

Research Interests

CHI research, embodied memory and cognition, tangible interaction, pervasive computing, fine and gross gestures, motor skill training

Working field

CHI resarch, interaction prototype development, experimental psychology, cognitive science, computational modelling, ergonomics and kinematics


Before my PhD, I studied Industrial design in the school of Mechenical Engineering (ME), Shandong University (SDU, Double-First Class University, Rank A)in China, with 1st class honours; and Interaction Design in the design school at Human University (HNU), one of the top 3 design schools in China.

As a designer, I designed the branding and visual identity system (VI system) for the China Academy Museum.

In previous intership/design projects, I’ve worked with Oulin and conducted ethnographic study for the design of IoT smart kitchen in 2013.

I’ve participated in the creation of a campus journal “The voice of Yuelu” (Yuelu is a metaphor of academics) with the Business school in Hunan University. With the collaboration of MBA collegues, we together designed and edited the first five issues with focus on business models covering product desgin, interaction design and the general service industry (2013-2014). Unfortunately, I graduated in 2014 and stop working on it. and the journal discontinued in 2015.